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Customized Water Treatment Programs

Ameri Serv Water Technology provides quality services and chemical products for boiler and cooling water treatment systems. We are committed to providing unsurpassed service and customized water treatment programs.
Ameri Serv strives to have a solid understanding of the customer facility, equipment on site, the processes, and associated demands. We provide ongoing service to our customers to ensure we are providing functional and economic benefits through heat transfer efficiency, optimized water usage, controlled chemical consumption, and increased equipment longevity.

The success of a water treatment program is determined not only by the chemicals selected, but also by the effective management of the program. Dedicated Ameri Serv professionals perform extensive on-site analyses to ensure the customer’s customized water treatment program is operating as safe and efficient as possible. Ameri Serv water treatment programs are complimented by regular on-site testing and interpretation of test results. Our representatives monitor water quality, corrosion rates, biological activity, and total system performance to proactively make any necessary adjustments to the program.

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