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Water Treatment Equipment

Ameri Serv Water Technology has long recognized that water treatment programs produce the best results when water chemistry is controlled using the proper automated equipment. For that reason, we place a special emphasis on chemical feed systems and water control equipment.
We offer an extensive line of controllers, pumps, and specialty equipment manufactured by others, as well as design and manufacture custom application and control systems for specific customer requirements. Employing the best feed and control equipment for each application ensures efficient and reliable operation of the system with optimized chemical use.

Our Equipment Product Line

Chemical Metering Pumps

Chemical Storage Tanks

Complete Chemical Feed Systems

Corporation Stops and Injection Quills

Water Meters

Sample Coolers

Conductivity, pH, and Oxidation-Reduction Potential Controllers

Smart Relay Systems

Custom Built Control Systems

Cartridge Bag and Carbon Filters

Bromine / Chlorine Feeders

Calibration Columns

Softener Systems

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